Apple reportedly replacing Retina MacBook Pro models that show signs of screen “ghosting”

Apple reportedly replacing Retina MacBook Pro models that show signs of screen “ghosting” ...

It appears that some folks who hopped onto the Retina MacBook Pro train early are having difficulty with image retention (also known as ghosting) on their lovely new displays. According to a thread over on the Apple Support Communities, a user noticed the problem as early as June 16th, a mere 5 days after the product was first available for shipment.

Fortunately it seems that an understanding Apple Genius was quick to order a replacement for the device, but it appears that it’s not an entirely isolated instance. Over on Dutch website a couple of images have been circulating that appear to show ghosting issues with the screens:

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Some readers on the ASC forum have reported the image retention issue with as little as 20 minutes worth of use. However it’s well worth noting that the problem isn’t happening to everyone, and image retention isn’t uncommon on IPS panels such as the one used in the new Pro.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the story as it progresses, but for now it’s safe to say that you should check for the problem and report it to Apple as soon as possible. Even though the issue is common for IPS displays, and it typically disappears after a few minutes of rest, it’s better to try your luck with a new device than to risk the problem getting worse.

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