As much of a case fanatic as I am, it takes a lot to catch my eye these days. Cases are getting better and more refined all the time and standing out is getting tougher as a result.

That wasn’t a problem for Mujjo’s new lineup of ‘Originals’ cases for Apple devices like iPhones, MacBooks and iPads. These things look gorgeous. Leather and felt, with small metal rivets and beautiful stitching make these some of the best looking cases I’ve seen in a while.

All of these Holland-made cases are 100% felt and vegetable-tanned leather and the cloth has been treated to be water repellent as well.

Mujjo is most famous for its cloth gloves that work on touch screens, but this new lineup of cases looks far nicer than those did, frankly. The cases start out at around €30 for an iPhone sleeve and go up to about €60 for a MacBook sleeve. We’ll probably get our hands on one of these at some point for a review, so keep an eye out for that.

➤ Mujjo Originals