The hotly anticipated Dark Knight Rises trailer was downloaded 12.5M times in 24 hours just from iTunes Movie Trailers, according to Warner Brothers. This breaks the record for the most downloads from Apple’s iTunes ecosystem.

This record is for ‘combined downloads’ that include Apple’s iTunes Movie Trailers site as well as the new iTunes Trailers app for iPhone and iPad. The trailer went up at 10:00 AM on Monday morning and was viewed over 12.5 million times, breaking the previous record by over 2 million.

The clip is pretty fantastic and shows off the fact that director Christopher Nolan gives good trailer.

iTunes Movie Trailers was actually created as a demonstration of Quicktime’s streaming capabilities by Apple. It has grown into the largest and most visited trailer site on the net, known for its array of high definition content and exclusive releases.

We’ve reached out to Apple for confirmation, but as Apple is closed for the holiday, It’s unlikely that we will get a response. The previous record-holder was The Avengers.