Skype today announced it has updated its iOS apps for iPhone and iPad to include two new features; Anti-shake video technology and Bluetooth sypport – but will also now including advertising.

Skype notes in its blog post that its iPhone app has been downloaded nearly 60 million times, but with today update the company hopes to reduce video shakiness with the introduction of a new stabilisation feature, perfect if you were trying to show a friend or loved one what you are doing whilst holding your iPhone or iPad.

The update also brings with it Bluetooth support, something that Skype says it introduced after it was requested by so many of its users. With this new feature, users can now use their Bluetooth headsets to make hands-free Skype calls.

If you thought that only the desktop apps were to receive advertising, you would be wrong; Skype will debut its advertising platform in these new iOS releases, making sure to patch bugs with an important security fix.