Apple has updated its investor page with the news that it will reveal its Q4 2011 financial results on October 18th. The earnings announcement will be accompanied by a conference call beginning at 2:00PM PST/5:00 PM EST.


Apple reported gangbuster earnings in Q3, surpassing industry estimates.

Apple sold a massive 20.34M iPhones in Q3, up 142% year over year, and 9.25M iPads, bringing iPad sales up 183% year over year as well. Apple sold 3.95 million Macs during the quarter, bringing sales up 14% when compared to the same quarter a year ago.

Apple’s revenue was up from Q2 and blew away Wall Street estimates. Thomspon Reuters estimates of Apple’s Q3 had placed overall revenue at $24.9B, with earnings of $5.80/share, while Moskowitz called for sales of $27.42B with earnings of $6.58.

The only product sales to go down were iPods, of which Apple sold 7.54M, which is down 20% from the year ago quarter.

Q3 2011 was the best non-holiday Mac quarter as well as the best iPad and iPhone sales quarter in Apple’s history. You can find the Apple earnings release here.