Verizon expected to see an iPhone this summer, even after they had worked out a deal for the iPhone 4, according to a CNBC interview with its COO Lowell McAdam. In the interview, McAdam commented on the impact that not having a new iPhone released in the quarter had on revenue growth.

“We had assumed that we would see an iPhone early in the summertime as it’s been usually,” said McAdam, “and that’s going to be a little bit later in the year now. We are probably what I would view as maybe a quarter behind what we had talked about in January, primarily because we expected an iPhone 5 refresh sometime this summer.”

McAdam also noted that they still have no idea when the next iPhone will arrive, highlighting the fact that Apple really does give the carriers as little information as possible about new iPhone models until very close to release. He went on to say that only Apple knows when the new phone will be coming but that Verizon expects it ‘sometime in the fall’. He also said that he thinks that people will see a ‘significant jump’ in revenue for Verizon when that happens.