Steve Jobs begins his “one more thing” moment with news of an update to Apple TV.

His points:

  • People want Hollywood movies & TV shows
  • everything in HD
  • lower prices for content
  • people don’t want a computer on their TV (can you hear the cries of pain from geeks across the world?)
  • people don’t want to manage storage
  • don’t want to have to sync.


  • All about Movies, TV, Shows.
  • All HD when contents available.
  • No purchases on Apple TV, all rentals. 99c for HD Rentals. (Fox and ABC only at the moment)
  • Netflix to Apple TV connect (ok, this is pretty cool)
  • Flickr and Mobile Me connection.
  • Streaming, no sync.
  • Includes: power, hdmi, ethernet and wifi.
  • Includes Rotten Tomatoes integration to browse movies by actor, director, review etc.
  • Streaming from iOS devices using Airplay (Stream audio, video & photos over wifi from your iPad). Yes, iPad and iPhone remote for your TV.

Cost: $99. Big step forward, and available in 4 weeks, pre-ordering begins today.

Update: Ok, the title is a little harsh but lets face it, we were all hoping for bigger things – namely a competitor to Google TV – hasn’t happened.