iOS Jailbreak for iPhone 4 and Other iDevices UPDATE: Mirror

iOS Jailbreak for iPhone 4 and Other iDevices UPDATE: Mirror

Have an iPhone 4 and want to jailbreak it? Or maybe you installed iOS 4 on your 3GS to get multitasking before the hack was ready. Well, wait no longer.

iPhone hacker Comex posted a link to the the site hosting the jailbreaking tool,, just a few minutes as of writing this post. This tool works with any iDevice save the original iPhone 2G, whether it’s running iOS 4 or the more recent iOS 4.0.1. The best part is that it’s browser-based – all you have to do is go to the website on whatever device you want to jailbreak. Unfortunately, the site is getting hammered so hard that it’s nigh-impossible to access. But you’ll have an iPhone 4 running Cydia in no time.

For clarification, jailbreakme is not an unlock. It’s just a jailbreak. It will, however, work to jailbreak the iPad’s latest firmware, 3.2.1.

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Thanks to TheGunrun for the tip.

Update: The folks at ModMyI are hosting a mirror of the tool. Click here and you’ll have a working way to jailbreak that iPhone 4 of yours.

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