Apple Whacks Droid X In Petty Video

Apple Whacks Droid X In Petty Video

Apple, not content to merely whine that they are not alone in the death-grip-signal-attenuation circle of hell, has produced a video clip of the Droid X losing reception when held in a certain fashion.

Of course, there was no bias whatsoever in the creation of the video, right? Do us a favor, if you have a Droid X, please complete the same test and report in the comments what happened. In AppleÔÇÖs defense, my iPhone 3G (IÔÇÖm old school) seems rather unflappable to the problem.

F**k it, we'll do it live!

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If you want to steam at Apple for self proclaiming revolutionary status, and then resorting to cheap school-yard ÔÇťbut they did it toÔÇŁ tactics when they flub, watch on.

You can see all of AppleÔÇÖs PR on the topic here.

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