Yep, you’re reading that correctly.  Fact is, it could very well happen.

Eric Savitz over at Barron’s is putting 2+2 and coming up with a very likely 4.  Savitz is sourcing some information from Global Equities Research that shows 7 minutes of time being blocked off from the keynote for none other than Microsoft.

The time is set aside for MS to introduce Visual Studio 2010, which would allow cross platform development, even into iPhone and iPad devices as well as Mac OS.  Given Ballmer’s love for “DEVELOPERS“, don’t be too surprised if you see the sweat-soaked one gracing the stage.

Maybe it’s time for a betting pool on what we’ll see from WWDC.  Though you’ve gotta wonder if there wouldn’t be some good-natured ribbing about Apple surpassing Microsoft as the largest tech company…