Kindle for the iPad is now available to download and my isn’t it pretty.

I don’t own a Kindle but from what I’ve seen of the standard Kindle it puts it to shame. How you can even compare the gorgeous colorful UI of the iPad’s to the Kindle’s basic black, gray and white is beyond me. Yes, you’re carrying a little extra weight, paying more and the Kindle does read better in the sunlight but when you compare visuals and overall experience, the Kindle (device) looks like an ancient predecessor.

Feature wise, Kindle for the iPad feature Whispersync to keep your books, bookmarks and notes in sync between devices. The app also features the slick page turn effect and changing of background color, and screen brightness.

Buying books on Kindle for the iPad completely excludes Apple from the process. When you want to buy a book, you are sent to the Kindle store in a web browser (within the app) to make your purchase and therefore no cut for Apple. There are officially two book stores on the iPad.

Check out the app in the app store here, it is of course free.