Apple Reports Quarterly Earnings

Apple mocks Samsung with Earth Day print ad: ‘Some ideas we want every company to copy’

After launching a website and video detailing its environmental efforts, Apple has today followed up with a related newspaper advert that indirectly mocks its rival Samsung. At the top of the… Keep reading →

OS X Seed

Now you can test beta versions of Apple’s OS X for free, without a developer account

Apple Unveils New Versions Of Popular iPad

You can now turn in any Apple product at an Apple Store for free recycling


Apple Touts Environmental Responsibility with New Site, Video


Office for iPhone and Android Phones is Now Free for Home Use


Apple Expected to Launch 'iOS in the Car' Integration Next Week


Microsoft Launches Office for iPad: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

iphone battery

Apple Store Staffer Gives Expert iOS Battery Advice


Report: Mobile Gaming Revenue Rose Across iOS, Google Play in 2013