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Technology Companies Campaign for Net Neutrality on Sep 10


Taiwan's SOPA slapped down following planned public digital outcry


Taiwan Proposes China-style Internet Firewall


Anonymous Leads 200+ Websites in April 22 Blackout to Protest CISPA


Which Technology Companies Are In Favor Of CISPA

As Deadline On Debt Reduction Impasse Looms, Super Committee Meets Over Weekend

CISPA Passes Committee On 18-2 Vote, Could Be Voted On By The House Next Week


Facebook joins Microsoft in dropping support for CISPA, the controversial cybersecurity bill

Corporate And Media Leaders Attend Allen & Company Media And Technology Conf.

Uber to Quadruple its Staff, Undecided on IPO

House Speaker Boehner Presides Over Opening Session Of Congress

'March for Innovation' Aims To Help US Shape Immigration Reform


Microsoft's Cybersecurity Stance

As Default Deadline Nears, Congress Continues Debate Debt Ceiling Plan

The Internet Association: Strong on Paper, Untested in War


White House Manages Exec Order Expectations


House Bill Argues for Internet Freedom

Rainey Reitman – EFF at Campus Party

EFF's Rainey Reitman Talks Internet Freedom


House Demands DoJ Briefing on Swartz Prosecution

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 3.31.53 PM

Robert Redford says technology and change main themes of Sundance 2013


Twitter in 2012: A year of conflicts, product evolution and cranking up the cash machine

30 cake

Happy Birthday Interwebz: The Modern Internet Turns 30

TNW team in Amsterdam

A Year at the Next Web

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 12.23.52 PM

The Cost of Netflix's Political Victory