Evernote has updated its Windows Phone app to version 3.0, featuring a redesigned home screen with shortcuts, easier browsing of tags, plus support for Notebook Stacks and checkboxes.

This update does little in altering the look and feel of the app, but it certainly makes Evernote for Windows Phone easier to navigate. The home screen now serves as a hub for creating and finding notes, and the shortcut feature plays into this purpose, allowing users to save specific notes to the home screen. Shortcuts can be created by tapping and holding notes, then selecting “add to shortcuts.”

If you utilize Evernote’s tagging feature, it’s noteworthy that the company has adjusted the design of its tag list to be more compact. Evernote details that it has also added “a quick way for you to jump to tags by letter.”


As for the new Notebook Stack and checkbox support, this isn’t too exciting a change — these features should have been included in the Windows Phone app from the beginning — but it’s relieving to see missing key functionality make it into the app.


Lastly, Evernote has included “Document Search” in this update, a premium feature which lets you search within attached files (e.g. Microsoft Word, iWork or OpenOffice files). Check out version 3.0 via the link below if you have a device that runs Windows Phone 7.5 or 8.

➤ Evernote for Windows Phone v3.0

Photography by Emma Weber