The Nexus One Sold Just 20,000 Units In Its First Week – Worryingly Weak Start?

The Nexus One Sold Just 20,000 Units In Its First Week – Worryingly Weak Start?

Google Nexus OneAfter months of rumor and intrigue, the Google phone finally went on sale to a tidal wave of press across the technology world, and also, it now appears, a gigantic yawn everywhere else.

Flurry, the mobile applications analytics provider, has been tracking phone launches for some time. They released a report to the following bent: the Nexus One sold around 20,000 units its first week.

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What does that mean?  The Nexus One has completely failed to capture the public attention. Even with Google promoting it on their homepage, and via their free WiFi around the United States, it has so far not left the box of the technological elite.

Take a look at the image below to see how the Nexus One has done so far:


Of course, all the launches were different. The iPhone 3GS had two previous generations behind it. The Droid had a gigantic traditional marketing campaign to support it, and on and on. But that does not move the needle on the total Nexus One’s sold. It sits at 20,000.

Google needs to change something, quickly, or find itself the inventors of a loved mobile OS, and the producers of a much ignored phone. If this is actually a ‘superphone,’ Google needs to get to selling it.

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