Google’s Free WiFi A Polite Trojan For The Nexus One

Google’s Free WiFi A Polite Trojan For The Nexus One

Googles Christmas Present? Free WiFi Across US AirportsChalk up a few points to Google, we did not see this one coming. Remember when Google announced that they were going to be sponsoring free WiFi around US national airports this holiday season?

We were all puzzled as to just what Google was up to. Why the benevolence? Merely trying to get some good PR? How about trying to push Google web-service dependency? Or, perhaps, Google was just needing to discharge a pile of cash for tax purposes.

Now we do know: Google is using their WiFi power, with their free service in use around the nation by tens of thousands, to promote the Nexus One. Brilliant, really.

Log onto the wonderful free internet connection, and Google sends you first to a Nexus One page. Result: nearly instant brand awareness of their product line. In the same way that Google is using their homepage to promote the Nexus One, they are using their WiFi to boost the name.

This is all well and good, Google needs traffic to if their project will succeed. Google it does seem is going to get people to buy their damn phone, one way or another. Points to Google, our friendly internet overlords.

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