surowieckitalkToday, James Surowiecki (author of Wisdom of Crowds) will reveal his thoughts on Powering Crowdsourcing and technology’s role in the new way of working.

The interview is part of the HP input | output series. The interviews are live streamed and via twitter people can ask questions that will be included in the interview. Previous sessions included  interviews with Chris Anderson and Richard florida.

Wisdom of Crowds was a best seller and a must read for web professionals. I loved the read from beginning to end and I’m expecting to hear a lot of interesting thoughts today as well. I’ll be live-tweeting the webcast with James.

crowdIf you have a question for James, leave a comment here, tweet me (@patrick) or join the live interview tomorrow. I’ll make sure to pass all questions along.

P.S. Thanks to HP for giving us the opportunity to work together and to bring us and our community the event.