Remember that Google was going to be very strict over what type of hardware was going to run the forthcoming Chrome OS? Put away the rumors that it was going to to be pricey, we have the data.

According to Gizmodo, the netbook is rumored to sport a chip set of the Tegra stripe with an ARM processor. The Zune HD also runs on Tegra, but expect this netbook to be on a faster set of chips.

It should have a multi-touch 10.1 inch screen, a 64 gb SSD, and two gigabytes of ram.

Of course, the netbook will be baked with all sorts of Google-goodness, given that Chrome OS is a Google driven project, open source or not.

Best part: this netbook is supposed to be subsidized by Google, bringing the price to, get this, $300. Quite the sweet deal, right? Google will be selling them directly. In some places, they will bundled with wireless carriers, to have built in connectivity everywhere.

Of course, we have no firm confirmation at this point, but if this turns out to be true, who is going to be mooning over the loss of the Crunchpad? This is much better.