AT&T announced that they will be opening up their 3G network for VoIP calls on the iPhone soon. This is big news for iPhone users but also for companies that thrive on VoIP technology, companies like Skype.

I’m in the capital of Estonia and the city with deep Skype roots, Tallinn. Skype has an office here with about 330 employees. As soon as I hear the news I head over to the Skype office to get a reaction. Before I knew it I found myself in the Skype Sauna, situated in their offices, with Chief Evengelist of Skype and head of Skype Estonia, Sten Tamkivi.

I asked him about the news of AT&T, the future of Skype and his favorite drink. It’s a bit dark, but nonetheless worth watching.

For more info on the AT&T news, check the article at GigaOM.