Picture 3We recently reported news, via Neowin, of how a number of Hotmail login details had been leaked and posted to text/code sharing tool Pastebin.com.

We have since learned that Pastebin is in fact constantly being used to share emails and passwords, and believe it or not, its not hotmail emails accounts. The right Google search will pull up a number of Pastebin URL’s full of thousands of hotmail, yahoo and gmail email addresses and password. I found three in a matter of minutes and each had at least 5 active accounts, i.e. accounts that I could actually access with the passwords given.

This isn’t just a hotmail problem nor a pastebin.com one, there seems to a community of hackers and phishers using tools like pastebin to share email accounts and passwords. We recently unconvered another list, shared on anonymous social site 4chan that held thousands of usernames and logins. This lead to a mass hacking of various Facebook, MySpace, Paypal and yes, email accounts.

Oh and don’t believe these lists are out there, here’s a blurred screenshot:

Picture 7