If you thought that Nigerian scammers were the only ones going after your money, you’re wrong. Pandalabs, a security vendor, has dicovered a website that lets you hack any facebook account for 100 bucks.

facebook hack SCAM: Ukrainian hackers promise access to facebook profiles

Pandalabs was also so kind to actually go through the whole process of the scam. Basically you enter any facebook ID in a text field and hit the button “Hack it“, after a couple of minutes the facebook account is hacked and the website notes: “You’ve hacked successfully the password for facebook ID x, the password is in our database“. If you want to view the password, you need to transfer 100 dollars to a Ukraine bank account via Western Union (of course).

Well I guess I don’t have to explain what happens after you’ve transferred the money…. FAIL

I know it sounds tempting to be able to hack into your ex girlfriends facebook account, but the only way to get access to her account is by getting back together.