King Nussbaum Keonbjmdu on Twitter 1251798424361 300x206 New Twitter spam bomb offers A Job With GoogleTwitter has just become inundated with spam accounts promoting a site called We highly recommend you DON’T visit that site.

A large number of tweets are being generated by new accounts, usually following no-one, but with a handful of followers. Each one is tweeting multiple @ replies to other users reading “Have you heard about Google taking in workers online? I read it at Very Interesting!”. The sheer number of these tweets right now is causing ‘ajobwithgoogle’ to trend highly.

Stay safe out there – don’t click that link. We’ll bring you more when we have it.

UPDATE: The tweets are still coming through – they all have identical Location, Web and Bio fields in their profiles but with different real names. Interestingly, whoever’s behind this is tweeting to users alphabetically. Having gone through a large number of usernames beginning with ‘A’, they’re now onto the ‘B’s. Fingers crossed Twitter gets around to shutting this whole caper down shortly.

Junious Bild Laviniaoyqzc on Twitter 1251795544105 600x400 New Twitter spam bomb offers A Job With Google