The most amazing, beautiful and realistic piece of computer art I have ever seen.

The most amazing, beautiful and realistic piece of computer art I have ever seen.

*Update* This is now the official music video for 鈥楲j贸si冒鈥 taken from 脫lafur Arnalds 鈥 鈥楩ound Songs鈥 (2009) available on Limited Edition CD/10鈥 Vinyl and Download here:


F**k it, we'll do it live!

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I鈥檓 hoping Apple will include this in the next version of iTunes because I can watch it for hours. Imagine what it would look like with Hip Hop, House or Opera. Amazing stuff!

Made by Esteban Di谩cono (LinkedIn, Personal Website) with 鈥淎dobe After Effects, particular v2, soundkeys and a little starglow.鈥 according to Esteban.

let yourself feel. from Esteban Di谩cono on Vimeo.

From the author:

鈥渁 little animation project i started this past weekend, inspired by the wonderful music of Olafur Arnalds. the song is called Lj贸si冒, and you can listen to it at:鈥

On how he made it:

鈥渋 first imported the audio and set up 2 sounkeys layers, one for the piano and one for the strings. Then i worked the particles and the particle subsystem and linked things like the emission, the turbulence, the velocity, the spin amplitude and the strenght of the fields to the soundkeys outputs. Then i set up the colors with 2 different palettes, and well, after that there was a lot of trial and error in order to achieve what i was looking for. There鈥檚 a lot of randomness involved in here, so there was also a lot of luck, of course.鈥

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