apg_microsoft_080227_mnIt’s no secret the EU have given Microsoft a hard time of late, primarily due to their ruling that Microsoft  has violated European competition law by tying Internet Explorer to Windows.

However, according to Microsoft’s quarterly filing with the Security and Exchange Commission, there is a mention of the possibility of Microsoft or other computer manufacturers being forced to install Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari by default alongside Microsoft’s internet explorer on any windows based PC.

“Such a remedy might include a requirement that OEMs distribute multiple browsers on new Windows-based PCs. We may also be required to disable certain unspecified Internet Explorer software code if a user chooses a competing browser.” it suggests in the filing.

Frankly, I have yet to understand the EU’s position in this case and as much as I despise the use of internet explorer, yes even 8, I feel Microsoft have a right to include their own software as the default application on their own operating system. What say you?

via PC Pro