Kids around the world keep breaking Microsoft records

Kids around the world keep breaking Microsoft records

About a month ago, a nine-year old girl from India became the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. Sadly for her, she got dethroned by the “Mozart of Computers” – an eight-year old boy from Macedonia. His Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski gave him a 15-machine computer lab to unleash his brilliancy on.

The Littlest Sysadmin: 8-Year-Old Macedonian Boy Becomes Youngest Microsoft-Certified IT ProfessionalIs this, combined with the horrid Songsmith ad, some new strategy from ad-agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky? Microsoft gave the $300 million consumer-branding campaign to this ubercool agency, whose claims to fame are its controversial ad campaigns for the Mini Cooper, Burger King, Molson and a recent mock porn movie made for Virgin Atlantic’s business travelers.

So. Much. Tech.

Some of the biggest names in tech are coming to TNW Conference in Amsterdam this May.

One thing is for sure, every time some kid breaks a Microsoft record, a good wave of free publicity rolls around the blogosphere. Let’s see what they come up with next. Maybe a five-year old kid who makes Madonna look like an amateur, thanks to Songsmith?

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