Oh how I love blogging platform WordPress. They launch cool features every two weeks or so. To me, they appear like a bunch of enthusiast who want to conquer the blogging world.

20090117 neumkfgbytxr4mj73aadq6qp54 Wordpress.tv broadcasts tutorials and Wordcamp reports

Their latest baby is WordPress.tv. On this site, you’ll find tutorials for both WordPress self-installs and WordPress.com to help get their users blogging fast and hassle-free. Good move, as the documentation wasn’t always too clear for not so web savvy people. You could definitely tell some enthusiastic WordPress-worshiping geek wrote it. So yeah, this lowers the barrier for many folks to go and start blogging with WordPress.

As always, WordPress launches a basic concept and now it’s up to us to tell them what to do next with it. Drop your brilliant ideas at WordPress.tv/contact.