20090116 xf3e3n79xe3kai1m2kigxhp57j Hello Berlin, meet Photoshop. Its the essence of beautyWe, the geeks, know about Photoshop. We realize there’s an army of marketing folks brushing up the supermodels of the world. Sure, a few million people have seen the infamous Dove ad, but that probably doesn’t stick for too long.

Every girl with a low self-esteem caused by the Photoshop filters, masks, and stamps should follow blogs like Photoshop Disasters on a daily basis. Oops, somebody did lose 2 inches of their waist line, but where’s her second leg? That kind of stuff.

Berliner girls will probably get aware of this soon, since a rather professional ad buster has made some incredibly good stickers depicting the Photoshop interface. Like Gizmodo says, this is “pitch-perfect adbusting right here”.