Mischievous Monday Mornings: lost a leg to Photoshop

Mischievous Monday Mornings: lost a leg to Photoshop

Since Boris is on a well-deserved vacation, I’m taking care of his edgy and funny weekly series Mischievous Monday Mornings. I’m not sure where Boris finds his inspiration, but for me a traditional newspaper did it. The web editor of nrc.next, Esther Holtkamp, pointed me to the Photoshop Disasters blog, a place where “Eddie con Carne” keeps track of hilarious or freaky Photoshop blunders. Turns out that most Photoshop artists should take a class in anatomy. Eddie proves this with screenshots and great comments. Like “Givenchy Polio Chic“, this model lost a leg to a somewhat too zealous Photoshop guy:

Or what about Mary Kate Olsen’s bobblehead, the cosmetically erased belly button, and Eddie van Halen’s second youth? Sorry for ruining your Monday morning productivity…

By the way, did you know you can win a copy of Photoshop with our design contest?

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