Remember those videos of gifted fellas drawing the Mona Lisa in Paint? I was amazed by it back then. Now there’s a new example, representing a new generation of tools and apps. It’s called Brushes, a natural media painting application for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The €2,39 app offers several realistic brush styles, an advanced color picker, a gallery view, and virtually unlimited undo and redo. To see what you can do with Brushes, have a look at this video I found on the blog of Erwin Blom.


Brushes app turns iPhone into a mini rendering tablet - Core77There’s a small digital subculture emerging around this app, with heroes like David Gribouille (who made the video).

Design magazine Core77 highlights the work of Disney artist Stef Kardos – who makes quick sketches (5-10 minutes each) and then adds some flavor to it with Brushes (see picture).

Here’s a slideshow from the dedicated Flickr pool: