Some people I value highly weren’t in the list of people I follow on Twitter yet. But this morning, I found them all. I started following 52 people. I gotta thank the Twitter team for this, as they’ve relaunched the “Find people you know” feature. And, like Adam Ostrow from Mashable says, “it’s blazing fast“.

Within thirty seconds, Twitter imported my whole Gmail address book. There are a few things I noticed:

  • First of all, a lot more people than I expected are active on Twitter. This probably goes for you too, so you can imagine the viral boost Twitter will get.
  • Secondly, some fake twitter accounts were revealed. I noticed that one guy even posted Twitter updates for a Dutch political party
  • I miss one thing in the address book finder: the date of the last update. I don’t want to follow someone who hasn’t updated for four months. That’s just clutter. And I don’t want to check every user manually. Help me out Twitter!

20081224 dryypwsif8h2dn955urws9n8xm Find people you know (and fake users) on Twitter

You can either search for someone’s name, or import your address book from GMail, AOL, Hotmail, and some other major email networks.