picture-22The UK’s most “tech savvy” news source have announced their top 100 web site (apps) of 2009. It’s a decent well thought out list with some sites getting the recognition they deserve as well as few apps which you may not have heard of.

That said, it’s pretty disappointing to not find Mixx included in the News Recommendation category, absolutely no mention of Friendfeed and to see Matt as one of the the best Twitter apps is frankly ridiculous.

Interesting categories and winners include:

Physical from virtual

Moo moo.com, Blurb blurb.com , Lulu lulu.com , Cafepress cafepress.com, Spreadshirt spreadshirt.net

Twitter, and associated

Twitter twitter.com, Monitter monitter.com, Matt themattinator.com, Twitterfeed twitterfeed.com, Twitter Grader twitter.grader.com

News recommendation

Digg digg.com, Reddit reddit.com, Techmeme techmeme.com, Popurls popurls.com, Slashdot slashdot.org

The full list can be found here.