Not a search engine, not a feedreader, it’s a…

Not a search engine, not a feedreader, it’s a…


I wonder when we will see more interactive interfaces for handling information like this. We all complain about information overload but stick with the old fashioned interfaces we are used to. Wouldn’t it be cool if our RSS feeds would swim by, like fishes, and appear bigger, smaller or brighter if they are more important?

What if Google would present search results like this? Would it work?

What about CNNs newsticker? Can i get one of those on my own monitor displaying feeds from Google Reader and Subjects from my email inbox? I could just work and casually look at the viewer at the bottom of my screen now and then.

Stare at Aqua for a few minutes and more possible interfaces will start appearing before your eyes

Via AltSearchEngines.

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