Today we went to the seesmic office to hand out a The Next Web Award in the category Web Celeb to Loic Le Meur. We did the official ceremony in the Seesmic office (check the movie).

Afterwards we had dinner in a sushi bar and Loic told us that they were about to announce big news at Seesmic.

twitter   loic le meur  we will announce big news t 300x108 Seesmic about to announce big news

People are guessing what it can be and Robert Scoble was particulary interested.

twitter   loic le meur  scobleizer just tortured m 300x140 Seesmic about to announce big news

So what can it possibly be? What is ‘big news’ for a startup? Well that is either an acquisition, a huge partnership or a round of investment.

I believe it is to soon for seesmic to be acquired. A huge partnership could be, but big companies don’t like it that you leak this kind of information before the big press push is going out, so my guess is that they do a series B and raise another couple of millions after their first round in February.

The common consensus is that it is getting harder and harder to raise money nowadays. So to raise some extra money when it is still possible for ‘hard times to come’ sounds feasible.