Sweden lists all of its free public spaces on Airbnb

Sweden lists all of its free public spaces on Airbnb

Sweden has listed its public parks and beaches on Airbnb to promote its national policy on free-roaming.

In a collaboration with VisitSweden, the country’s official tourism site, Airbnb has listed “the entire country” on a separate portion of its site, “to make this home available to everyone.”

Sweden’s philosophy of “Allemansrätten,” allows anyone to experience Swedish nature without having to pay:

The freedom to roam is the principle, protected by the law, that gives all people the right to roam free in nature. Sleep on mountaintops, by the lakes, in quiet forests or beautiful meadows. Take a kayak out for a spin or experience the wildlife firsthand. Pick berries and mushrooms and flowers from the ground – all completely free of charge.

Each of the entries on the site boast an “open air roof,” real air conditioning, and natural heating. The beach entries say things like “the infinity pool is always open.” A beech forest has a “built-in gym.” Everything has 365-day availability.

Still, it’s not quite “the entire country.” I have a feeling I’d still be in violation of some law if I barged into a private Swedish home and flopped down on the sofa.

Sweden has just listed the entire country on Airbnb on Business Insider

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