Daily Distraction: Here are some free movies for your popcorn-munching ass

Daily Distraction: Here are some free movies for your popcorn-munching ass

There are plenty of streaming services around now, and maybe some new ones will come around once the coronavirus pandemic is over. These apps are filled with new shows, and honestly, watching or committing to a show for more than a few seasons can be a bit tiring sometimes.

Sometimes I just want to indulge in a good movie, even if it’s a bit long, you know that there’s an end to a story. So, if you want a bit of a breather from switching to one show to another, here’s how you can watch movies for free.

  • Mubi, which has a great selection of indie movies, is offering 90-days of free subscription.
  • Open culture has a list of more than 1,150 free movies ranging from Korean titles to Hollywood classics.
  • Voleflix is a free Netflix alternative that hosts hundreds of movies available in the public domain.
  • If you’re a library cardholder or a student of a university, you should check out Kanopy. It hosts Oscar-winning titles including Lady Bird and Moonlight.
  • HBO is making a bunch of movies available for free on HBO NOW and HBO GO.
  • Popular media server software Plex is serving up a ton of free movies on its platform.

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Since we were talking about movies, I had to post a video from the amazing channel.

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Get some popcorn. Stay safe. Bye

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