Daily Distraction: Kicking Monday away

Daily Distraction

What what? The weekend is over? I didn’t get that memo until my alarm rudely woke me up today. I mostly spend the weekend cleaning my house and talking to my friends over the Houseparty app.

Some of them called me today and their faces were as dead as a dementor because it’s Monday. While I work from home even when there’s no lockdown, my friends work in an office, and they were really missing crap food their office served.

If you have some of that Monday dreadfulness on your face, here are somethings that can bring a smile to it.

  • Hasbro just released 15 full episodes of its hit 80s series G.I. Joe. That’s one more reason to spend some extra time on YouTube.

  • Google allows you to play with 3D animals through AR directly from your phone. Here’s a full guide on how you can do it.
  • The legendary metal band Metallica is streaming its live concerts every Monday for free. If you’re a fan, today is your day.
  • Did you like the live quiz app HQ Trivia? Well, it’s making a comeback and hosting a quiz at 9 PM ET.
  • If you’re looking to pass some time by playing games, my colleague Rachel has a fantastic list of fun mobile and browser-based games.

Video of the day

The other day, we talked about the online academic library JSTOR and its open-access documents. The library got popular because Aaron Swartz, co-founder of Reddit, was charged with multiple felonies for trying to make JSTOR‘s documents free for all. In January 2013, Swartz was found dead in his apartment, having hanged himself subsequently after turning down a plea deal.

You can learn about Swartz’s life through this well-made documentary.

Meme of the day

Stay safe. Adios.

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