Your last chance to secure an Early Bird ticket to TNW Europe 2016

Your last chance to secure an Early Bird ticket to TNW Europe 2016

With TNW Europe drawing nearer, ticket prices will increase significantly very soon. Get your ticket now.

One look at our list of speakers and you’ll see why coming to the conference is a must, especially now that, just this week, we’ve added six more amazing names to the line-up.

If there’s one person that can teach you how to retain users, it’s Harper Reed: the CTO behind Obama’s successful 2012 re-election campaign. He’ll be joining our lineup alongside the Co-founder of Optimizely – the technology that transformed Obama’s 2012 campaign – as well as five other new speakers added this week.

Here are three more names we’ve added this week:

  1. Bryan Kreuzberger Founder & CEO, Breakthrough Email: Bryan’s cold emailing technique has such formidably high success rates it’s permeated everything our sales team do at TNW, as well as major international brands all over the world. He’ll break his process down into six simple steps at TNW Europe.
  2. Jessica Walsh Partner & Art Director, Sagmeister & Walsh: After Jessica had spent just two years at Stefan Sagmeister’s design firm, the multiple Grammy Award- and National Design Award-winner made her a Partner. She was just 25. If you need more testament to her creativity, Warner Bros are even adapting part of her life story into a screenplay.
  3. Bill Buxton Principal Researcher, Microsoft: For his groundbreaking research into the field of human-computer interaction, Bill has received no less than four honorary PhDs, an honorary fellowship and three lasting impact or lifetime achievement awards. He continues to be a leader in the fields of UX and interaction.


Six new speakers added this week
Speaker name

Harper Reed

Obama 2012 Campaign


Speaker name

Jessica Walsh

Partner & Art Director
Sagmeister & Walsh


Speaker name

Bill Buxton

Principal Researcher


Speaker name

Bryan Kreuzberger

Founder & CEO
Breakthrough Email


Speaker name

Reshma Sohoni

Co-founder & Partner


Speaker name

Rashik Parmar

Lead IBM Cloud


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