We’re looking for the ONE

We’re looking for the ONE

Next week sees our flagship event, TNW Europe Conference take place in Amsterdam. With 2,500 people attending from more than 50 countries it is going to be the biggest event we ever hosted. We have several speaker formats (Trend, Grow, Boost to name a few) and today we’re adding a new fresh format. We call it: ONE.

ONE talks, co-hosted by OneDrive, are short talks on the one topic you’re really excited about. It doesn’t have to relate to tech, startups or technology at all, it can be about anything. As long as it’s the one thing you’re really passionate about and you keep it short.

We will have between six and eight ONE sessions throughout the conference. If you have great presenting skills and want to rock the stage for 5 minutes, contact me and tell me what you have in mind.

Update: The first ONE speakers are already in. Teemu Arina is crazy about Bio-hacking, Evan Nisselson lives and breathes digital imaging, and Matt Ruby is all about humor.

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