Spent the weekend offline? Here are some great reads you may have missed

Spent the weekend offline? Here are some great reads you may have missed

The weekend offers opportunities to turn our backs on screens and spend some time away from the digital world. Our authors happen to often work 24/7 though, and the news usually breaks on the same schedule.

So here is what you may have missed during the weekend, carefully gathered from and beyond The Next Web.

In the news

  • Apple placed a new version of its apology to Samsung on its UK website. But it wouldn’t be Apple if it didn’t hide the apology with a simple script so it can’t be seen without scrolling.
  • LG plans to sell new Nexus 4 phones to retailers for much higher prices than Google offers to consumers directly, according to a Spanish Phone House.
  • Researchers discovered an SMS phishing vulnerability in most of Android versions, through which messages’ senders can be faked.
  • Twitter is now “withholding” copyright infringing tweets instead of deleting them.

Some good reads

These longer pieces are good to read and think about over lunch and after work. Make sure you visit the comments section to take part in the discussion.

And from elsewhere

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