Introducing TNW Video, our Silicon Valley Studio and Miss Hermione Way

Jury of The Next Web Startup Rally

It brings me enormous pleasure to officially announce the launch of TNW Video, our new channel devoted to bringing you news, views, interviews, events and a whole lot more in gorgeous rich video.

We’ve got a humble studio set up in SOMA San Francisco and it’s open night and day for you to stop by, say hello, share some news or just hang out.

If you thought that was exciting, wait till you hear who we’ve brought on board running the show, the wonderful Hermione Way. To those of you who may have not heard of her, Hermione is no stranger to the web – in fact she’s all over it – she’s co-hosted the TNW Conference two years running, founded & Techfluff.TV, toured the world on  various expeditions and now, we’ve recruited her as our Video Director based in the heart of San Francisco.

So what can you expect and where to find us? Take it away Hermione.

(Update: Oh and if you’re a writer, based in San Francisco, and passionate about technology, the web and startups – we’re hiring!)

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