Site Update: Introducing The Next Web Business Services

Site Update: Introducing The Next Web Business Services

We’ve got something special for you today, its name: TNW Business Services. It’s a spanking new section of The Next Web devoted (currently) to Jobs and Press Releases, in the future, much much more.

Press Releases you say?


Founders and executives you can now submit your press releases to TNW Business Services to share with us but also the world. Of course, as ever, we’ll be sure to pick out the best for official coverage on The Next Web but press releases you submit will enjoy a space in our sidebar, high google rankings and with over 4 million page views a month and 2 million unique visitors, all tech-and online oriented, the platform enables a powerful and global podium for companies the world over.

With our Job Board, the same is very true. The job board will be home to online, social media and tech positions across the globe. With blogs and readership spanning continent, we believe we can provide a far more international focused recruitment option to companies looking to hire the world over.

As you might expect, we’re going to be expanding TNW Business Services into other areas but for now, give it a try. We’re offering readers a discount of 30% for 1 month when you use the discount code GIVEMEADISCOUNT.

More to come.

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