Web Designers, Developers: We’re Hiring.

Web Designers, Developers: We’re Hiring.

You may have heard we’re launching a Design and (front end) Dev channel on TNW. To do so, we need knowledgeable experienced cream-of-the-crop designers and developers to share their knowledge.

We ignorantly assumed we could find a full time writer to write about design and front end web development, but of course if you’re writing all the time, you’re not practicing your trade…

So here is what we’re offering:

Option 1) A full time designer to design for TNW and spend 50% of your time writing. You’ll be working on an array of cool projects, most of which we can’t share details about here. If that interests you and you’d like to learn more, drop us an email to [email protected].

Option 2) Contribute one to two quality posts a week. We’ll pay per post.

What will you be writing about? Design and front end development. Sharing useful guides, latest trends and techniques, unique ways to get things done and delving into the tools you love and trust.

Interested? Email [email protected].

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