This genius built a door that locks anytime you browse in incognito mode

While you can always resort to your browser’s incognito mode to avoid leaving traces of the embarrassing pages you visit, the danger of unexpected intruders still looms.

This is the problem that Mike, CEO of the Useless Duck Company, wants to solve with his brilliant invention – the Incognito Lock.

Designed for loving husbands looking to surprise their wives with heartwarming gifts, the quirky mechanism will automatically lock your door anytime you open an incognito window, giving you the chance to browse for presents without having to worry about getting caught in the act of… caring.

door lock incognito mode

If you could imagine other uses for such an invention – that’s fine… but just so you know, Mike probably wouldn’t approve of them.

Previously, the resourceful inventor has built other ground-breaking products like this automated toilet paper dispenser.

automated toilet dispenser

You can follow the latest creations of the Useless Duck Company here.

Arduino door is activated by opening an incognito window on Arduino Blog

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