Amazon’s first live TV show lets you shop as you watch

Amazon’s first live TV show lets you shop as you watch
Credit: Style Code Live

Amazon is debuting its first live TV show tonight – a 30-minute daily fashion and beauty segment featuring a former Miss America, an ex-Big Brother star and an MTV presenter as its hosts.

From the ‘Style Code Live‘ trailer it looks insufferably cheerful, with Rachel Smith, Frankie Grande and Lyndsey Rodrigues doing makeup demos, live interviews and reports on new trends at breakneck speed.

The show won’t yet feature any ads, and is available for free on Amazon at 9PM ET/6PM PT every week night, but will offer viewers a live opportunity to buy the items featured during each episode.

It’s a bit like QVC on Web steroids, with each purchase only a few easy clicks away.

Smith says it’ll offer viewers “something they can’t find anywhere else,” aside from all of the magazines and YouTube channels dedicated to just this topic.

Given that the show is hosted live on Amazon, the company is likely to make a significant share of all sales made during each broadcast.

The company is clearly trying to remake its image as a fashionable place to shop, having already launched its own branded clothes and debuting its first ad-driven, pre-recorded series last month in the shape of Vogue’s The Fashion Fund.

It’s also clearly willing to experiment with money-making schemes in a bid to make get hard cash from the YouTube generation.

Meet our #StyleCodeLive hosts: Lyndsey Rodrigues, Rachel Smith and Frankie Grande

Posted by Style Code Live on Tuesday, 8 March 2016


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