Watch: Common myths about software development – busted

Watch: Common myths about software development – busted

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Vooza, “the world’s most unbelievable tech startup.”

There are many myths about software development:

  • Writing code and developing software are the same thing. WRONG!
  • Programming is typing, not thinking. WRONG!
  • It matters how many years you’ve been programming. WRONG!

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In this video, Vooza’s developers dispel these (and other) myths. Bonus: You’ll also learn the right answers to the Chicken Question and the Fizz Buzz Test!

Vooza is a video comic strip about the startup world that’s been buzzed about by David Karp, Dennis Crowley, Jason Fried, and other tech bigwigs. Join Vooza’s email list for exclusive VIP access to more Vooza.

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