Tears, Tantrums & Tech: Episode 4 of our accelerator series: Lion Kings [Video]

Tears, Tantrums & Tech: Episode 4 of our accelerator series: Lion Kings [Video]

In part four of our video series following three startups taking part in the Springboard accelerator in London, we’re looking at Birdback, a startup that wants to help you get more out of your debit or credit card.

With a founding team from Denmark and Iran that came together in London, Birdback offers up to 15% cashback each month on your existing debit or credit card. Here, we learn more about what it’s like behind the scenes for the team. There are also some epic scenes involving London’s Old Street area, a bike… and a lion suit.

The Tears, Tantrums & Tech video series is produced by HAUS Pictures. Many thanks to Springboard and Google for allowing us this regular glimpse into what life inside an accelerator is like. Now we’ve met the three teams we’ll be following throughout the series, we’re going to start looking more closely at exactly what it’s like for them taking part in the accelerator and how it’s affecting their businesses. Look out for episode 5 next week.

You can find all the episodes in the series so far here.

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