An interview with Tagged, which wants to create ‘Pandora for people’ [Video]

An interview with Tagged, which wants to create ‘Pandora for people’ [Video]

Social discovery network Tagged has bought semantic text startup Topicmarks in a move that will match like-minded users, creating a ‘Pandora for people,’ as CEO and Co-founder  Greg Tseng calls it.  The third largest social network in the USA behind Facebook and Twitter, Tagged was founded in 2004 and the acquisition of Topicmarks shows the network’s focus towards enabling users to discover new people as opposed to staying in touch with people you already know or subscribing to content creators. Topicmarks’ offering extracts meaning out of users’ data and gives it sentiment meaning the updates and shared information people put on Tagged will now be analyzed privately to give an overview and summary of the user’s profile.

On first login to Tagged (with my Facebook account) there are options to meet new people, play games or even stalk potential date prospects via Zoosk, which is embedded into the site.

I sat down with co-founder and CEO Greg Tseng to talk about where Tagged’s focus lies and having been around in Silicon Valley for ten years what are his favorite startups that could be the next giant.

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