A look at The Channer’s mobile social TV browser [Video]

A look at The Channer’s mobile social TV browser [Video]

There’s little doubt that TV is becoming more social thanks to platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and dedicated apps like Miso and GetGlue that let you share and discuss the shows you watch.

At Mobile World Congress this week I met Nina Alastruey, CEO of The Channer. This Barcelona-born startup (now with a base in San Francisco) offers an app that allows you to watch a range of TV channels and discuss them with others. The plan is to help free and ad-supported TV channels monetise their online output and engage with their audiences. In the future, expect the app to support paid-for premium content and real-time in-app discussion.

In this video, Nina gives us a demo of the app (suffering a little from MWC’s poor WiFi connectivity at times), which is available now for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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