Hands on with the HTC Desire S, Incredible S and Wildfire S [Video]

Hands on with the HTC Desire S, Incredible S and Wildfire S [Video]

HTC didn’t just unveil two new Facebook-centric handsets and a tablet today, it also updated three of its popular Android devices: the Desire, the Incredible and the Wildfire. Unlike those other devices, this trio of upgrades were available for delegates to get their hands on right away.

Each now sporting an ‘S’ appended to their names, these handsets are tweaked with redesigned cases and improved performance and screen resolutions across the board. All three handsets sport the latest version of HTC’s Sense UI and are due to launch around the end of Q1 or start of Q2 this year.

I had a play with all three and I share my first impressions in the video below. Note the funky rotating soft buttons on the Incredible S and the Plurk app on the Desire S demo unit. We’ve no idea why they went for the obscure Twitter-like microblogging service, but it made us chuckle with amused confusion.

HTC Desire S:

HTC Incredible S:

HTC Wildfire S:

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