A tour of Google’s impressive Android stand at MWC [Video]

A tour of Google’s impressive Android stand at MWC [Video]

We knew when we saw photos at the weekend that Google’s Android stand at MWC was going to be something a little special, and having taken a good look around today I can confirm that’s definitely the case.

Plenty of Android developers were on hand to show off their apps, but there were plenty of Androidified distractions too. Freshly made smoothies, Android badges and (if you were lucky enough) miniature Android collectable dolls were on offer as freebies for visitors. Then there was that twisting slide, which I gladly tried out in the name of investigative journalism.

Sadly, none of the other stands we’ve seen at MWC have quite matched this level of “fun”, although Google obviously has more resources than most to throw at these things.

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